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e, a good commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) in high schools and junior schools bodes very well for the progress of science."In terms of the future▓, Dempster envisions even further progress by scientists in China, and be

lieves China based researchers may receive the highest global recognition for their rapid advancements."I don't see any reason why a Chinese scientist would not win a Nobel Prize," Dempster said."Chi▓na has shown strong commitment to the development of sc▓ience. I see only positive devel

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opments for science in Ch▓ina for at least the next decade."Please scan the Q▓R Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR▓ Code to follow us on WechatFull Text: China's Space Activities in 2016Full Text: China's Space Activities in 2016Full Text: China's Space Activities in 201612-27-20▓16 13:03 BJTBEIJING, Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- The Informatio▓n Office of the State Counci

l on Tuesday published a white paper on China's space activities in 2016.Following is the full text:First Edition 2016ContentsPreambleI. P

he universit

urposes, ▓Vision and Principles of DevelopmentII. Major Developments Since 2011III. Major Tasks for the Next Five YearsIV. Policies and Measures for DevelopmentV. International Exchanges and CooperationConclusionSpace activities make up ▓one of the most challenging hi-tech fields which exe▓rt enormous impact on other fields. Space activities h

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ave greatly improved man's knowledge of space, and pro▓vide an important driving force for social progress. Currently, more and more countr

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ning sector.

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ies, including developing ones, are making the development of space activities▓ an important strategic

"There is a go

project 2

choice. Thus space activiti▓es around the world are flourishing.The Chinese government ▓takes the space

od recognition a

project 2

industry as an important part of the nation's overall development strategy, and adheres▓ to the princip

le of exploration and utilization of outer space for peaceful purposes. Over the past 60 years of remarkable development since its space i

t the top le

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ndustry was est▓ablished in 1956, China has made great achievements in this sphere, including the development of atomic and hydrogen bombs, missiles, man-made satellites, manned spaceflight and lunar probe. It has opened up a pat▓h of self-reliance and independent innovation, and has created the spirit of China's space industry. To carry forward this spirit and stimulate enthusiasm for inno▓vation, the Chinese government set April 24 as China's Sp▓ace Day in 2016."To explore the vast cosmos, develop the space industry and build Chin

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a into a space power is a dream we pursue unremittingly." In the next five years and beyond China will uphold the concepts of innovative, balanced, green, open and shared development, and promote the comprehensive development of space science, space t▓echnology and space applications, so as to contribute ▓more to both serving national development and improvi

ng the well-being of mankind.To enable the world community to better understand China's space industry, we are publishing this white pap

vel of g▓over

onomy," Demp▓ster

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said."Whe n you have commitment at
the gov ernment?/a>

er to offer a brief introduction to the major achievements China has made in this field since 2011, its mai▓n tasks in the next five years,

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